(1)Technology of producing α-crystal form TBCC by using copper-containing etching solution

      Cooperating with the Heritage of US, the Company has introduced, researched and developed proprietary technologies to set up the world’s sole production line outside US of producing feed additive (α-crystal form TBCC) by using PCB spent etchant.

      (2)Technology of producing electroplating grade copper sulfate by using copper-containing etching solution

      The Company has independently researched and developed the treatment technology for copper-containing etching solution. The copper sulfate content of the recycled product of high-purity electroplating grade copper sulfate is higher than 99%, with impurity content far below the national standard limit and product parameters exceeding German and Japanese standards, which meets the requirement of highly precise electroplating, and can be used as the raw material for PCB industry.

      (3)Technology of zero discharge treatment of organic wastewater of high concentration and high salinity and difficult to be degraded

      Through the treatment using oil-water separation, redox, evaporation and concentration, mixed biochemical treatment and flocculation and sedimentation technologies and combining with filtration technology of high-pressure special membrane, the organic wastewater of high concentration and high salinity and difficult to be degraded can meet class III standard in Environmental quality standards for surface water (GB3838-2002) and zero discharge of wastewater.

      (4)Industrial waste harmless treatment and disposal—hazardous waste incineration technology

      The rotary kiln plus double-effect secondary combustion chamber are used to rationalize the mixing according to waste characteristics and heating values, which has good feed adaptability and unobstructed property, ignition loss of ash of lower than 5%, complete combustion of waste, large volume reduction ratio and low slag yield. Semi-dry method for spraying and bag dedusting are used for tail gas treatment, the flue gas monitoring and control system is sensitive, safe and reliable, and the tail gas emission meets the strictest EU standard; and waste heat recovery is provided.

      (5)Industrial waste harmless treatment and disposal—hazardous waste stabilization and solidification and safe landfill technology

      The hazardous waste stabilization and solidification technology was independently researched and developed, and the hazardous waste meets the safe landfill and toxicity leaching requirements after solidification; the strictest engineering anti-seepage construction technology and omni-directional underground water monitoring and management technology are used for the safe landfill site to make hazardous waste finally treated and disposed in a stable and safe manner.

      (6)Technology of landfill gas for power generation

      The Company has independently researched and developed vertical and four-way horizontal landfill gas collection well technology with strong applicability and high gas collection rate.The efficient landfill gas pretreatment-purification technology,introducing the internal combustion engine fueled with gas which has a strong applicability to fuel heat value and a low requirement of cleanliness,can active develop the landfill gas for power generation.

      (7)Municipal wastewater BFBR ecological treatment technology

      The advanced 3D ecological engineering sewage treatment technology imported from Hungary introduces aquatic plants to the bio-film reactor system to build a stable ecological system, stimulating the biological activity, improving sewage treatment effect, and realizing emission meeting the standard; meanwhile,it beautifies the environment, effectively restrains the smelly gas from polluting surrounding environment, and builds the urban sewage treatment plant to a green ecological garden in harmony with the urban landscape.

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